2019 Writing Challenge

My 2019 Bucket List Challenge is to write, publish & share 4 blog posts.

I’ve always enjoyed writing but have hesitated to publish anything online. My hesitation stems from 3 factors: (1) I’ve started a lot of ideas but never finished them off. (2) Perfectionism. If I’m going to put it out there for the world, I want it to be high quality. (3) I didn’t see the value.

Excuse #1 is about discipline. I CAN finish, I just haven’t put the effort in. Hopefully this challenge will give me the reason I need to finish.

Excuse #2 is about perception. I’m not a writer, I’m a business owner and shouldn’t hold myself up to an unreasonable standard. The more I write, the better I will get. If it sucks, it's not like a million people are going to read this anyways.

Excuse #3 is not being able to see the future. There are a lot of smart, successful people that write. If they see the value and find the time to write, so can I. I will not know the true value of this until I’ve tried it.

So, I will write. Thank you for reading. (This one doesn't count).

Staying Focused.

I'm no expert.  Just working hard to be a great father, husband and business owner.  One day I'll publish some kick ass posts here...  Until then, I am staying focused on what's most important: my sons, my wife, our employees, our customers, our business, our partners, our community and my health and happiness. 

Time is our most valuable asset.  You can make more money but yesterday is gone forever.  If your future return on time isn't awesome, its probably time to try something different.