2019 Writing Challenge

My 2019 Bucket List Challenge is to write, publish & share 4 blog posts.

I’ve always enjoyed writing but have hesitated to publish anything online. My hesitation stems from 3 factors: (1) I’ve started a lot of ideas but never finished them off. (2) Perfectionism. If I’m going to put it out there for the world, I want it to be high quality. (3) I didn’t see the value.

Excuse #1 is about discipline. I CAN finish, I just haven’t put the effort in. Hopefully this challenge will give me the reason I need to finish.

Excuse #2 is about perception. I’m not a writer, I’m a business owner and shouldn’t hold myself up to an unreasonable standard. The more I write, the better I will get. If it sucks, it's not like a million people are going to read this anyways.

Excuse #3 is not being able to see the future. There are a lot of smart, successful people that write. If they see the value and find the time to write, so can I. I will not know the true value of this until I’ve tried it.

So, I will write. Thank you for reading. (This one doesn't count).