First, I am the proud father to 2 sons and have a beautiful wife.  The 4 of us make a great team and nothing is more important.

I am the President of QT Equipment and related companies.  My father started this journey back in the early '80s with Akron Hydraulic.

Quick History:  After escaping from Xavier University with a degree in business, I became employee #1 at a startup in Cincinnati.  I learned more in this short stint (and got paid) than in 3.5 years of college (which took me more than a decade to pay off). 

After the towers came down I moved to Los Angeles for several years and held a menagerie of jobs including starting my own company in the Healthcare / Insurance field.  These few years were some of the greatest learning experiences of my life.  Although I would miss them greatly, I hope one day my sons travel to a far away place and figure out how to make it on their own.

I accepted a 2 year stint with my father back in 2005 to move back to Ohio and help with an ever growing business.  Once committed to this place, I have yet to find the finish line!  My brother joined the team a few years later and we all went through the hell of 2009-10 trying to keep the place together.  This was another excellent learning experience that has forged our company, team and myself as a leader.

Today I "sit in the pointy end of the boat" for our team of 50+ of hard working men and women.  We work every day at being world class in our niche and I'm extremely proud of what we have been able to build.

Networks:  I'm one of the 4 people who never got on The Facebook and I rejoined Twitter during the 2015 NBA Finals.  My social media is very limited... I prefer old school communication.  You can also follow QT Equipment on a few social media platforms:

 Contact:  You can reach me at danroot "at" or my office +1 330-724-3055.